Start & Go

Quick Start and First Steps

Our professional services are part of the continuity of your relationship with PRYMER. We help you to develop a strategy, define objectives and to implement, deploy, validating and optimizing among the proposed software solutions. In addition, the team may conduct an audit of the implementation following different solutions.
Our services are provided by specialists in various offers. Our experienced consultants ensure the satisfaction of the client throughout the implementation lifecycle, until the solution is fully operational, following a proven methodology in a practical and evidence-based approach:

  • QuickAide: Pre-paid Support Book. Anticipate and evaluate support for your users during  deployment.With QuickAide you plan in advance your support needs for a successful launch. This is also the right tool in addition to a brief training. Do not let your team without support solution.
  • Assistance”QuickStart”: Start your project in record time, with strong involvement of our consultants. We train you and support you for 15 days to allow you to develop various organizational charts, screens, reports, summaries and KPIs needed for your activities.
  • Assistance “Accelerate”: Consolidate use of your current solution. After a diagnostic, our consultants will help you through the optimized use of your solutions to save you time and maximize the value of your solution.