Planning@Work enables enterprises to better manage organizational change and growth.

Saba’s workforce planning solutions help with:

  • Organization design and optimization
  • Workforce and succession planning
  • Talent/HR data analysis, cleansing & budgeting
  • Workforce reduction, compliance, risk analysis and management
  • M&A and restructuring

Using your HRMS data, Planning@Work is delivered as a SaaS application. It allows:

  • Secure data and communication management
  • Anywhere, anytime accessible
  • Integration with others Saba Software modules
  • Low TCO

Visualize your organization

Planning@Work Visualize gives you a way to access and share up-to-date organizational charts to increase organizational understanding, communicate structure, provide a basis for decision-making, and most importantly, understand the big picture about the development needs within your organization.



Understand current structure, assess organizational health (KPI’s), benchmark, create a case for change:

  • Gain insights into complex workforce data with information-rich, easy-to-navigate, comprehensive org charts
  • View metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for staff and teams, and know when these metrics are “out of bounds”
  • Regularly save org charts over time to support business planning and to meet executive reporting requests
  • Easily maintain and retrieve audit trail data to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other industry and government regulations
  • Identify areas where learning and development such as compliance risk or leadership development can have the greatest impact on your organization


Plan the future, model various solutions

Planning@Work Plan & Model gives you easy-to-use tools to create and evaluate “what if” scenarios for optimizing your organizational structure. It allows you to understand mission-critical talent and development needs. Whether you’re conducting ongoing workforce planning, managing a reorganization, or facing a major event such as a merger or acquisition, Planning@Work Plan & Model gives you a window into the possible outcomes.



  • Explore workforce scenarios to meet changing business or organizational needs
  • Modify inaccuracies in HCM source data or update changes resulting from workforce events
  • Create ad hoc and emergency teams to handle last minute requests or respond to one-off crises
  • Work with people across the business and manage workflows for ongoing workforce planning, reorganizations, and major events such as mergers and acquisitions
  • Identify mission-critical talent and talent gaps that must be closed to support your future business strategy



Succession Planning and Leadership Development

Saba helps you identify key positions and future leaders, eliminate leadership gaps, avoid costly disruptions, and communicate plans in an understandable format. Most of all, provide your leadership pipeline and key talent pools the development opportunities they need to be successful from right inside your planning processes.


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Un-archive your chart « On Demand » and easily comply with local regulatory requirements mitigate your exposure regulatory risk. Monitor employee performance trends or any HR KPI variation over time.


The Planning@Work Archive module allows your company to easily drill back in time on social data. Archive allows you to get back to past structural organization, compare it to present and simply generate powerful variation analysis.




Creat easilly powerfull personal, or company wide reports and metrics. Use the tabular approach and grouping feature to perform deep analysis.


Companies requires skilled analysis on their organization. Planning@Work Report module allows you to create on the fly KPI summary that can be securely accessed or distributed into selected groups of users.

Through Reports, calculation performed with-in or out of the hierarchical structure of your company increase performance of the tool. All calculation and summary adjust dynamically as you navigate into charts.

All reports can be shared internally and are always just one click away from your Excel spread sheet.




Provide a secured access (directory, chart, detailed profile, …) to your work stations as well as mobile apps (smartphones & tablets)


Planning@Work Connect module delivers to all employees, ability to use HR data they need. Using advanced featured connectivity of Saas solution, anyone with-in your organization can instantly access visual information, individual information such as basic or detailed contact information to bet in contact rapidly with in your organization. Deliver a Structured view of your employee where any visually understand where they fits-in.