The administrative and HR management solutions

The solutions of HR and administrative processes management proposed by Prymer optimize and simplify all your administrative management problematics such as the paid leaves and absences management, the bills of expenses management or even tracking the working time of your employees.

Each module is designed to a specific field: choose the one or those you need to answer your problematics and make up your own HRIS.

In addition to the speed and ease of their implementation, the HR solutions provided by Prymer are user-friendly and accessible for everyone thanks to their intuitive taking in hand. With our solutions, all the collaborators are involved and actively participate in the life of the company.

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Notes de frais GRH

The management of the expense reports solution

The solution of expense reports’ management enables the collaborators to enter themselves their expense reports, to follow the reimbursement process and to make the manager’s work easier who is automatically warned. The solution takes care of the currencies’ conversion and makes sure that the expenditure ceilings are respected.


The solution’s main functionalities:

  • Input of the expenses reports of the company’s employees divided by fields (hotels, mileage allowance…) with their dematerialized proofs;
  •  Automatic conversion of the foreign currencies;
  •  Automatic control of the employees’ expenses following the predefined expenses ceilings;
  •  Notifications automatically sent to the manager when the employee asks for the validation of his expense report, who partially or completely accepts the validation demand;
  •  Data collected on the solution easily and quickly exported to the accounting department;
  •  Reimbursements simplified thanks to SEPA transfers.
Congés et absences GRH

The vacations and leaves management solution

The vacations and leaves management solution enables the employees to consult their leave balance, to make their requests for leaves and absences and guarantees a better processing of the requests. In addition to that, the manager is sure that he won’t lack staff thanks to the automatic leaves propositions made by the solution.



The solution’s main functionalities:

  • Consultation of his leaves balance in real time and estimated leaves balance by the employee;
  •  Leaves requests and any type of time off (sick leave, maternal leave…) made from the app and depending on the existing schedule;
  •  The manager is automatically notified by email when a request is made, accepts or denies it and justifies his decision, which guarantees a faster processing;
  •  Data are exported to the payroll department.


Temps et activités GRH

The time tracking solution

With this solution, save time on the time monitoring of your collaborators on each of their tasks and automatically calculate the overtime worked by your employees.


The solution’s main functionalities:

  • Control the working time of each of your employees regardless of their contract (full-time, part-time, night work…) per client, task or project;
  • Notifications automatically sent to the manager if the employee’s working time input is wrong and the validation is simplified;
  • The overtime is automatically calculated depending on the legal constraints.
Dossiers du personnel GRH

The personnel’s files management solution

Simplify your organization by gathering on the same tool all your collaborators’ data thanks to electronic files. Your employees can modify their personal information and have access to the contact details of the company’s other members.


The solution’s main functionalities:

  •  Collation on the same platform of all the collaborators’ personal data that they can modify if changes happen;
  •  Creation of personalized reports for each employee to prepare his personal assessment;
  •  – Automatic notifications sent when an important is coming.
Bulletins de paie GRH

The pay slips dematerialization solution

Relying on the data from of your company’s accounting department, the payslips dematerialization solution makes it simpler to distribute all their payslips to your collaborators without the current constraints that lie in the printing process and the sending by post of these documents.


The solution’s main functionalities:

  • Payslips delivered in PDF format transmitted from your company’s accounting service;
  • Preservation and archiving of all the payslips already delivered;
  • Automatic notification when the payslips are delivered.

SIRH image

The HRIS package

This software package is designed to improve the human resources department of the company in general. Indeed, it is composed of essential software for a good cooperation between teams and come with modules for your talents management.


  • The recruiting solution identifies the job opportunities inside your company, sets the interviews planning up and creates the files of your new employees;
  • The skills management solution makes sure that your employee has the required skills to do his job, follow their evolution and helps you evaluate the changing post possibilities of your talents;
  • The individual and professional interviews management solution plans the interviews with your employees, prepares them and helps you summarize your talents’ skills;
  • The training management solution manages all the trainings, plans them, follows the skills’ acquisition by the trainee and helps you manage the budget attributed to the trainings.